The Ontario Campus Parking Association is a collective of professional managers and administrators specializing in college and university parking operations in the Province of Ontario, Canada. The Association will promote efficient and cost-effective parking strategies and provide a forum for benchmarking, communication, cooperation and informal information exchange on all matters related to campus parking.

OCPA was founded in 1995 through the joint efforts of the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, York University, Scarborough College and the University of Ottawa. Initially, the goal of these schools was to establish a sound method of comparison (benchmarking) between different parking operations so that aspects of productivity and customer service could be measured on an     ongoing basis. More recently, the Association has become involved in development and sharing of new parking information and technology, and has taken a leadership role in establishing industry contacts, standards, and professional education.  The OCPA Constitution was developed and adopted at the annual meeting in 2004.