Ontario Campus Parking Association (OCPA)


The Ontario Campus Parking Association will promote an efficient and cost effective parking environment which will provide a forum for benchmarking, communication, cooperation and informal information exchange, on all matters related to campus parking.



To support the Association's mission by:

2.1 provide a forum to discuss common interests and concerns;

2.2 proactively promote members to seek community feedback and foster a partnership with the campus community;

2.3 establish and maintain formal mechanisms for on-going sharing of information regarding policies, procedures and reports;

2.4 develop and maintain a common standard by use of a benchmarking instrument;

2.5 review legislation and regulatory developments, which may affect campus parking operations;

2.6 initiate appropriate board approved activities, such as research, reports, position statements, professional development, establish/develop industry standards and best practices, and other programs related to campus parking.



3.1 Membership shall be open to institutional parking representatives from Ontario colleges and universities.

3.2 INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP - Each member institution shall have one representative designated as the official institutional representative. This representative will normally be responsible for the management of parking on their campus.

3.3 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - An employee or their designate of a member institution, who is an active practitioner in a field directly related to the parking function on campus, shall be eligible for associate membership, upon certification by the institutional member of the Association.

3.4 CHARTER MEMBERSHIP - A member of the Association who retires as an active parking manager from a member institution and is no longer active in the parking industry may continue membership in the Association. Charter members may attend meetings and may work on committees, but shall not be eligible to serve on the Executive Committee or vote in the Association.

3.5 Each member institution shall have one vote which shall be exercised by the institutional representative.

3.6 An institutional member, if unable to attend a meeting, may designate in writing or via electronic mail to the Secretary-Treasurer, an associate member from their institution to attend the meeting who shall have the same voting privileges as that institutional member.



4.1 Annual dues for the Association will be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting. Any decision to change the amount of membership fees must be approved by not less than two-thirds of voting members present.

4.2 Charter membership shall be dues free.

4.3 Each institution shall be responsible for the expenses incurred by its representative(s) in attending Association meetings or participating in Association organized programs and committees, except as provided in article 4.4 below.

4.4 Members of the Executive and Chairs of Committees may receive, at the discretion of the general membership and subject to budgetary reserves, total or partial refund of costs associated with their attendance at Association approved meetings. This does not apply to attendance at the Annual General Meeting or any meeting of the general membership.

4.5 The fiscal year of the Association shall run from May 1 to April 30.



5.1 The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

5.2 The Association shall elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary from amongst the members of the Association. The Secretary holds a non-voting position on the Executive Committee.

5.3 Should the Secretary, Treasurer or Vice President be unable to fulfill their term of office, a replacement shall be appointed by the Executive Committee until the next General Meeting.

5.4 Should the President be unable to fulfill his/her term of office, the Vice President will act as President until the next General Meeting.

5.5 In order to be eligible for election to the position of President, the member nominated must have served on the Executive for at least one year within the last five years.

5.6 An executive committee term is for two years and will commence at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting. Members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms in each position.

5.7 The institutional member from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) host institution will be an ex-officio non-voting member of the Executive Committee. The one-year term will commence at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.



6.1 Nominations and elections for the executive members shall be held at the Annual General Meeting and conference.

6.2 Any Institutional member or any Associate member with the permission of their Institutional member, shall be eligible to stand for election as an executive. Only one member of an Institution can serve on the executive at one time.

6.3 Elections for President and Secretary will be held on the same calendar year. 

6.4 Elections for Vice-President and Treasurer will be held on the following caldendar year from the President and Secretary elections. 

6.5 In the event the Annual Meeting cannot be held (see 11.2), elections that were to be held, will be postponed to the following year, resulting in all positions being held for 3 years. 



7.1 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting the business of the Association and supporting its strategic direction to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Association are met.

7.2 The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Officers of the Association.



8.1 The Executive shall appoint a minimum of two members to the position of Director which expires every two year concurrent with the election of the President.

8.2 Directors will be assigned a portfolio within in one of two areas, Benchmarking or Website. The Directors shall perform duties assigned to them by the President or Designate and may be invited to attend to an executive meeting when required.

8.3 Benchmarking Director – shall be responsible for conducting the yearly benchmarking exercise and producing the Association report.

8.4 Website Director – shall be responsible for updating and managing the Association website, forum and list serve.

8.5 An Associate Member can serve as Director but holds a non-voting position within the Association.



9.1 The Association may establish committees from time to time.

9.2 Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the Executive Committee from amongst the general membership. Chairs shall report to the Executive Committee at the request of the President of the Association.



10.1 This Constitution may be amended at the Annual General Meeting of the Association by a two-thirds majority vote of Institutional Members, provided that members have been notified of the details of the proposed amendment(s) at least two months prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting at which the amendment is to be considered. The tabling of proposed constitutional amendments at a prior General Meeting shall constitute such notification.

10.2 Write-in votes will be accepted for amendment(s) to the Constitution as long as they are received by the Secretary no later than one week before the General Meeting at which the amendment(s) are being considered.



11.1 The Annual General Meeting will normally be scheduled at the Annual Conference.

11.2 In the event of an emergency, the Executive may postpone the annual Meeting until after the emergency no longer exists or may proceed with a virtual meeting.

11.3 The host representative will survey the membership via listserve for the purpose of soliciting ideas for the Annual General Meeting.



12.1 The Conference is open to OCPA members only. Invitation and participation by others will be approved by the Executive Committee.

12.2 The content of this meeting will be determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with the General Membership. The host representative will survey the membership via the listserve for the purpose of soliciting ideas and topics of interest prior to setting the agenda for the Annual General Meeting Conference.

12.3 The content of the meeting will be geared towards general interest campus parking industry issues. Member presentations will be encouraged and given preference over others.


For our full Constitution in PDF format, please follow this link: OCPA Constitution.